Why the Micronationalist Community in Florida is Corrupt

“The Hillsborough Micronational Union, a local group of micronations in Florida, has become corrupt now. I have left as the Vice Chairman and the Chairman Oscar Maude, whose micronation just collapsed due to unproffessionalism and just him not caring enough, wants to keep the union going strong. It has failed since he turned this ‘Union’ into a club, which was not meant to be. He has let unproffessionalism slip by, like letting people name their micronations ‘Memelandia’ or ‘Porgland’which are both ridiculous. He doesn’t realize that the idea of the ‘Union’ was to have a Model UN-like structure Union, but for micronations. He wants to pile unneeded activities into the union. People keep leaving the ‘Union’ and there is one big micronation called the ‘Legoland Alliance’, which is a stupid micronation that has 20 people, all former micronationalists from the ‘Union’. They keep declaring war on micronations for no reason. Its’ like Mangolia all over again, which just sucks. I keep telling people to ignore the threats, but they fall under pressure and join in. They say they are a Democracy with 3 senates and a Democratically elected President, but 3 Senates are impossible and there is no proof that they had an election. So, it is essentially a Child’s Play version of North Korea. I try to help people be serious with their micronations, but they don’t listen. They think games and silliness is more important than maintaining the micronational communities future. This is why we may be doomed, in a micronational sense. If people continue being unprofessional, they whole community might just become a Playground of useless, meaningless drama. President Oscar Maude also thinks micronationalism is illegal, which is untrue since in the United States of America we have the right to assemble and the right to speech. But, he still thinks that an 11-year old child declaring his bedroom a micronation is treason, which it is most certainly not. He thinks the FBI will come to my house and kill everyone I know, which is a completely foolish statement.”


-President Cooper Norfolk of the Democratic Republic of Seybold.



Issue #58


Issue #58 8/24/18



On August 23rd, 2018, the Kingdom of Paxland lost the greatest, most inspirational person in all of the Kingdom of Paxland, Princess Baroness Axel Narceus, son of King Cooper Narceus, the current King of Paxland.  She died 1 week after giving birth, which is what some Millipedes do when giving birth. She was 2 Years of Age when she died at her Florida Home. King Cooper Narceus found her in her bed, lying still with fly buzzing around her. He took Princess Baroness Axel Narceus to a temporary grave in the United States of America. King Cooper Narceus is very sad about her death, and refused to give a statement to this newspaper. In her will, she give her children her house and King Cooper Narceus the care of her children. Also in her will, she wished to be burried without a casket and she wanted her tombstone to say, quote, “I have died the Death of Motherhood, and I shall fly to safety and watch my beautiful butterflies turn into ducks”, which no one, even King Cooper Narceus, understood. A public funeral will be held for her August 25th, 2018 in East Borderton, New Leafania. She will forever be remembered as a activist for the LGBTQ Community, a good person, and a great mother.


Princess Baroness Axel Narceus 13 Hours befor her death

By Cooper Kiwi       Consent from the Paxlandic Government to use this article in The Daily Micronation       Information from https://kingdomofpaxlandgoverment.wordpress.com/2018/08/24/princess-baroness-axel-narceus-dies-of-natural-causes/          Photo Copyright the Kingdom of Paxland 2018






Issue #57

The Daily Micronation Logo April 14th, 2018

Issue #57 8/22/18



On August 22nd, 2018, Stefán Karl Stefánsson, a Children Entertainer and Popular Meme, died at the age of 43, according to CNN. It was requested by Governor Jayden of the Aenderian Province of Gunda that a Mourning Day would be created for Stefán Karl Stefánsson. Mr. Stefánsson delt with cancer in his early life, which did survive, only to be “whisked away into heaven”, according to the Aenderian Times. The Mourning Day will be officially on August 23rd, 2018. 4 cities are placing a bid for constructing a memorial. Those are Jylizyem, Noyan Port Charbonneau, and the Province of New Nerdystan. At the memorial will have a flag of Aenderia, the flag of the city the memorial is held in, and the flag of Iceland, since Stefán Karl Stefánsson is Icelandic, will be flying half-pole.

9CC71291-619D-41EB-A158-1EB15378B2B3Stefán Karl Stefánsson

By Cooper Kiwi        Information from https://aenderiantimes.wordpress.com/2018/08/21/stefan-karl-stefansson-mourning-day-when-and-what-you-need-to-know/ and https://edition-m.cnn.com/2018/08/22/europe/robbie-rotten-death-intl/index.html?r=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F        Photo copyright Aenderian 2018



On August 22nd, 2018, the leader of the Plushunia Toy’s Worker Party and Prime Minister Ursu Polarescu brought all of the Social Alliance Political Parties to a Common Extraordinary Congress. The CEC (Common Extraordinary Congress) was called to try and fix the Political Crisis. They did this by created and adopting a program called “Plushunia’s Road to Socialism”. The program has a project where it quote, “includes social ownership and workers’ Democratic self management of their companies”. Another “important”, as the Plushunia News Service calls it, project in which the, quote, “replacement of  the financial price calculation with calculation-in-kind, in a bid to be sure that everyone gets goods at prices correspondent to the real value of the respective goods” will happen. The program will not completely end capitalism and the free market, even though it is a Socialist program and it restricts the freedom of enterprises and market.

225px-PlushuniaFlag1Plushunia Flag

Information from https://plushunia.wordpress.com/2018/08/22/government-coalition-decides-to-put-plushunia-on-the-road-to-socialism/          By Cooper Kiwi                Flag Copyright Plushunia 2017



On August 22nd, 2018, the Republic of St. John announced that a person who wishes to not have their name released on the internet made a new Coat of Arms for St John. It is basically an updated form of the 1st St. John Coat of Arms. The owls with halos on the Coat of Arms look more realistic and the 13 whit stars were changed to white.


New St. John’s Coat of Arms

By Cooper Kiwi     Information from https://sjncmcn.blogspot.com/2018/08/changes-in-coat-of-arms-of-st-john.html#comment-form        Coat of Arms Copyright Republic of St. John 2018



On August 22nd, 2018, th Natia Top 15 Music released a statement saying that they will not be able to post for this week due to quote, “Major Delays”.

By Cooper Kiwi         Information from https://mobile.twitter.com/NAT_Top15/status/1032328644469972992





Issue #56


Issue #56 8/20/18



On August 20th, 2018, Grand Duke Travis McHenry of the Grand Duchy of Westarctica announced that the Westarctican History book called “The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of Westarctica” has been translated into German. This was done by an unknown citizen of Westarctica.


Announcement of the German Translated Book

By Cooper Kiwi          Information from https://m.facebook.com/Westarctica/posts/1446909812108821?refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.westarctica.info%2Fnews      Photo Copyright Westarctica 2018






Issue #55

The Daily Micronation Logo April 14th, 2018

Issue #55 8/19/18



On August 19th, 2018, a new law was entitled by the Chairman of the People’s Highest Representative Council Stäefan Dör of the Democratic People’s Republic of New Hellas. The law was an Act of Citizenship. The contents of the bill are, quote, “Citizens of any macronation can request citizenship in  the Democratic People’s Republic of New Hellas; citizens of other micronations can request citizenship in the Democratic People’s Republic of New Hellas, unless they are citizens in three other micronations; micronational asylum can be granted which means that the individual granted the Asylum gets a standard wage from the DPRNH and is free of its duties as a citizen for two months. But, the individual has to prove that its rights are being violated by the government of the micronation they are currently participating”. A picture of the citizenship form is down below.


Citizenship form

By Cooper Kiwi                 Information from https://dprnh.wordpress.com/2018/08/19/issue-of-new-law-entitled-act-for-citizenship-in-dprnh-n02-2018/, https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc4_I4ABEd9MXMtgh9C4u1biSDPqsnSjrqr0K_xW-BfuDmEOg/viewform, and https://micronations.wiki/wiki/New_Hellas            Photo copyright Democratic People’s Republic of New Hellas



Issue #54


Issue #54 8/17/18



On August 17th, 2018, Emperor Adam I of the Empire of Adammia and Tsar Thomas of Nolland created a military alliance between the 2 micronations. The meeting , the first ever meeting between the Emperor of Adammia and another micronational representative, took place in Wales, Cardiff. Adammic Prime Minister Lord Helliker, the Nollandish Deputy First Minister, the Defense Secretary and Chief of Defense Staff of Nolland were present. As well as committing the two nations to defend each other, the treaty, which is the 2nd Treaty enacted by Adammia and Nolland in 2018, following their initial mutual recognition treaty in July, 2018, also has a dual citizenship clause, quickly added at the last minute, similar to the arrangement Adammia has with the micronation Wazakhstan. The Emperor of Addamia described the treaty as a quote “signifying the ‘special relationship’ between Adammia and Nolland”, according to the Adammic Express. As well as signing the treaty, the leaders discussed micronational politics and British politics, since both are British. The treaty carries great “strategic significance”, as the Addamic Express calls it, as Adammia takes steps “to solidify its ties with its allies in the North of England, Nolland and Wazakhstan”.


Tsar Thomas of Nolland (Left) and Emperor Adam I of Addamia (Right) Shaking Hands

By Cooper Kiwi              information from https://empireofadammia.wordpress.com/2018/08/18/the-cardiff-pact-adammic-and-nollandish-leaders-meet-to-sign-historic-treaty/             Photo Copyright Adamia 2018



On August 17th, 2018, the Republic of Aenderia noticed that due to Communist Attacks on the micronation of Nerdystan, it would soon collapse. Presydent Russel Gilzem of the Republic of Aenderia offered a deal to Nerdystan to become an Autonomous Region of Aenderia. Nerdystan accepted and a charter was created. The Charter said, quote, “On August 17, 2018, Nerdystan agreed to be incorporated into the Republic of Aenderia as an autonomous entity. Here are the following rules for the incorporation: 1. Nerdystan must be renamed to New Nerdystan and must therefore adhere to all Aenderian laws passed by the government. New Nerdystan may pass their own laws according to the province but must still obey federal laws. 2. New Nerdystan schools must teach the two primary languages; English and Russian. Official languages of Nerdystan may be taught as electives and secondary languages. New Nerdystanian citizens must speak one of the primary languages. 3. New Nerdystan is its own representative in Aenderian government and can elaborate on decisions created by the Aenderian government. 4. Aenderia must always stick out for New Nerdystan when in danger, including threat from other micronations or domestic issues. 5. New Nerdystan must use the New Nerdystanian flag with the Aenderian bi-band standard alongside with the Aenderian flag. 6. New Nerdystan can pass its own laws which concern the province but must not overlap federal laws. All proposed laws go through the ALC (Aenderian Lawmakers Committee). 7. If New Nerdystan declares independence, autonomy of province will be stripped and Aenderian authorities will secure the area. Any form of violence will lead to a federal arrest. 8. New Nerdystanian authorities must regulate the cities to keep it safe for all citizens. 9. Any form of corruption will lead to Aenderian authorities seizing the city and control of government and all corrupt officials will be arrested and exiled. 10. New Nerdystanian officials must not abuse their power above the people”, according to the Aenderian Times. A new Nerdystanian Flag was made and is down below.


New Nerdystan Flag

By Cooper Kiwi                    Information from https://aenderiantimes.wordpress.com/2018/08/17/nerdystan-agrees-to-be-incorporated-into-aenderia/ and https://aenderiantimes.files.wordpress.com/2018/08/nerdystan-becoming-part-of-aenderia-document.pdf               Flag copyright Nerdystan 2018



On August 17th, 2018, Isaac E., who is also the Prime Minister of Kaion, was appointed the Aenderian Secretary of Labor by Presydent Russel Gilzem. He will be in charge of quote, “safe labor for all Aenderian across the nation, regulating work hours, safety, and putting in place federal regulations for all Aenderians in the workplace”, according to the Aenderian Times.

Kaion Man

Isaac E.’s Common Depiction

By Cooper Kiwi              Information from https://aenderiantimes.wordpress.com/2018/08/17/isaac-e-named-secretary-of-aenderian-department-of-labor/            Picture Isaac E. 2018



On August 17th, 2018, the Paxlandic Military team investigating the MNF/ Mrs. Nancy’s Fighters Clan attack on the Province of Athland in which they moved a pile of dirt in front of the Royal Castle of Paxland, found the Headquarters of MNF. The Headquarters was found by King Cooper Narceus by following the Clan Member who moved the pile of dirt with an excavator, George, to the Headquarters. He was spotted driving the Excavator across our neighbor micronation the Republic of Tamcoop. King Cooper Narceus followed him and found out that the MNF Headquarters is right next to the Kingdom of Paxland, only about 7 meters away from the Province of Grassfull. It is a walled in building with multiple excavators and a small hub full of machines, food, and other living necessities, despite the fact that it is not a house. King Cooper Narceus was not able to go into the building for a long period of time, since an MNF Member was there. That means that he was sadly not able to get any pictures of the base. But, he did locate the Headquarters on Google Maps and took a Birds’ Eye View of the MNF Headquarters. The Paxlandic Army will be putting up posters on the wall that surrounds the MNF Headquarters that say “LIARS” on them along with a notice payment of the fine that they had to pay for killing the Daisies in the attack. King Cooper Narceus is proud that he found the MNF Headquarters.


MNF Micronational Zone

By Cooper Kiwi                  Consent From Paxlandic Standard to copy article to The Daily Micronation                    Information from https://kingdomofpaxlandgoverment.wordpress.com/2018/08/18/mnf-mrs-nancys-fighters-clan-headquarters-found-by-paxlandic-military-minor-attacks-planned/              Map Copyright Paxlandic Military 2018

Issue #53


Issue #53 8/16/18



On August 15th, 2018, the Royal Bank of Westarctica officially made the Westarctican Cryptocurrency, WestarcticaCoin (WAD) live, based on Ehtereum ERC20 tokens. WestarcticaCoin is Similiar to Bitcoin, but has some big differences. Like the fact that it is not a financial investment, it is not backed by any commodity or finicial security, and it is not a recognized currency outside side of Westarctica. WestarcticaCoin is, according to the Westarctican Facebook Page, “intended to be a fun way for citizens of Westarctica to interact with one another or receive recognition”. They are also given to Westarctican citizens when the do good deeds. Along with that, Westarctica partnered with online reward website Hexl to give citizens a place to share, acquire, trade, and soon spend WestarcticaCoins on things like stickers, pins, and t-shirts. The total amount of WestarcticaCoins that have created are 17.286 trillion, so basically just Jeff Bezos net worth times 100. The number reportedly represents the amount of square feet in Westarctica’s claimed land area on the Antarctic Continent. One Million Westarctican will be given to each person in Westarctica who has made a contribution to the micronation since its’ founding in 2001. This was all announced on August 16th, 2018, at 12 A.M.


WestarcticaCoin Design

By Cooper Kiwi                 Information from https://m.facebook.com/Westarctica/posts/1441327759333693?refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.westarctica.info%2Fnews and https://www.westarctica.info/royal-bank-of-westarctica      Photo Copyright WestarcticaCoin 2018



On August 14th, 201, the Molossian Navy announced that they had a new submarine called the Waterbug. It has lights and a state-of-the-art camera, making it the most high-tech submarine of the Molossian Navy, and is also suitable for exploring deeper into lakes than other Molossian Submarines could. On August 12th, 2018, the Molossian Navy deployed the Waterbug in Lake Tahoe, and American lake in Nevada, on the South side of the lake in an area called Baldwin Beach. Even though the area is known for it’s “unremarkable lake bed”, according the Khamsin Molossia News, it was perfect spot for the first mission. It was a success, as the Submarine performed beautifully. The next day, the Waterbug was launched into the murky waters of the American River in California. Again, the Waterbug performed beautifully. The Molossian Navy is excited to be able to test the Waterbug and hopes that it will become useful in the future.


The Waterbug Submarine in the water

By Cooper Kiwi               Information from  http://www.molossia.org/article427.html       Photo Copyright Molossian Navy 2018



On August 16th, 2018, the Estanian Territory of Khersoland declared Independence from Estan at 11:50 P.M. GMT+3 August 15th, 2018. That same night, the Head of the Politburo of the State announced that he resigned his post and would be giving Deläjet Erüstrov, former leader of Estan. Deläjet Erüstrov announced that all Public Services would suspend for 2 months, the abolition of the constitution, and the dissolution of the Kinliäntat. When he was asked about the so called “fate of Estan”, he said, quote, “Estan has failed miserably. Now it will be replaced by a simple union between three states: New Hellas, Eniapolis and Eskaea. New presidents are already appointed. Mr. Staefan Dor for example will be the first president of the People’s Republic of New Hellas. In Eskaea, the new president will be Fernjej Ornov, and in Eniapolis, mrs. Ornoront”. A Treaty was signed in Helasia regarding the issue.


Estan in Crisi Poster

By Cooper Kiwi        Information from https://estanrepoblik.wordpress.com/2018/08/16/new-takeover-during-last-midnight-khersoland-declares-independence-estan-dissolved/



Issue #52


Issue #52 8/15/18



On August 15th, 2018, the Autonomous Region of Kilas, part of the Republic of Natia, announced that they will not be competeing in Microvision, a intermicronational singing contest, as an Autonomy. Kilas will only be competing in NatiaVision, a subdivision of Microvision that decides who will represent Natia in Microvision. Also, it was announced that Jelena Tomašević will officially recognize Kilas in NatiaVisio with the song Zivot U Kofermina.


Kilas Flag

By Cooper Kiwi             Information from https://mobile.twitter.com/NatVision019/status/1029893671683018757 and https://mobile.twitter.com/NatVision019/status/1029772577106001924        Flag Copyright Kilas 2018

Issue #51


Issue #51 8/14/18



On August 14th, 2018, the Government of the Popular Union of Occitania decided to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Occitania’s Founding by creating a Cultural Project called the Occitanian Third Anniversary Postcard Project. The project will send a post card with the Traditional Occitanian Flag on it from territory to territory all around the world, along with other micronations around the world. The postcard will begin in the State of Shalom on September 1st, 2018. The card will be placed in an envelope. Leaders of the Territories or Micronations that the card is sent to can sign the card. When the journey is over, it shall be put up in the Postal Museum of Babougrad.

flag-of-occitania-svg_orig.pngTraditional Flag of Occitania

By Cooper Kiwi           Information from http://occitania.weebly.com/blog/occitanian-3rd-anniversary-postcard-project        Flag Copyright Occitania 2015



On August 14th, 2018, Kaionese Prime Minister Isaac E. selected micronational and macronational currency accepted in Kaion. For micronational currencies, the Aenderian Dollar, Kaionese Zaini’s, Iustian Dollar, Posafi Dollar, New Drachma, Dukian Sheka, Millanian Nemada, Tupon Euro, Occitanian Frank, and the Paxlandic Rosha are allowed in Kaion. In macronational currency, the Australian Dollar, Belarussian Ruble, Brazilian Real, Canadian Dollar, Chinese Renminbi, Euro, Hong Kong Dollar, Indian Rupee, Mexican Peso, Polish Zloty, Japanese Yen, Pound Sterling, Russian Ruble, South African Rand, South Korean Wan, Swiss Franc, and the US Dollar are accepted in Kaion.

By Cooper Kiwi            Information from http://kaiomstatenews.blogspot.com/2018/08/prime-minister-of-kaion-selects.html and https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LZyP-xcPGViy7jheWydTUA_nMWu5WsO_-v6Urniacn4/edit



On August 14th, 2018, the government of the Empire of Mekniy released a video showcasing eMekniy, a website that makes the Mekniyan Government “fully digitalized”, as they are calling it. There is a website on which citizens can do the same things that they can do online as they do at the Government Office, like eVoting, Banking, Citizenship Database, Citizenship Applications, eID’s, eJustice, Registration of a Vehicle, Organization Registration, Information System STEMMA, MTPA Telecommunication Network, STEMMA Gee, and Integrated Voting System STEMMA, some of is shared in UMCE. The Digital ID Card listed above can be used everywhere and all Mekniyans will have one.


eMekniy Logo

By Cooper Kiwi              information from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6pyialIqLU&feature=youtu.be             Logo Copyright eMeehkkzu 2018



On August 14th, 2018, Natiavision, the Primary version of Microvision that each micronation participating in Microvision must do, asked for 3 International Juries of 10 People Each.

By Cooper Kiwi         Information from https://twitter.com/OfficialNatia/status/1029401325350600706